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Server Asus RS540-E8-RS36-ECP
  • RS540-E8-RS36-ECP is a 4U rack server that offers diverse RAID storage, exceptionally-high storage density, an optimized user experience. Engineered premium components for premium efficiency, RS540-E8-RS36-ECP is an ideal choice for datacenters and other high-performance enterprise applications.

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Mass storage and flexibility in 4U and additional OS Kernal Disk

RS540-E8-RS36-ECP is equipped with 36 SAS/SATA 3.5-inch disk drive bays (24 front + 12 rear), and 2.5" hot-swap HDD bays per enclosure. The hot-swappable design provides non-stop high availability, making short work of maintenance. RS540-E8-RS36-ECP also offers great freedom when it comes to the choice of operating system drive type and placement, with M.2 slot available, and two hot-swappable 2.5-inch SSD bays.


ASUS PIKE II & 12G SAS Integration

ASUS PIKE II offers the latest 12Gb/s SAS together with PCI-E 3.0 solution. While ASUS latest 12Gb/s SAS doubles the data rate running at twice the speed of the previous generation, PCI-E 3.0 offers high reliability and faster speed connection. ASUS PIKE II meets user needs with support for 6Gb/s SATA and 12Gb/s SAS storage and integrated RAID data protection. Just placing the PIKE II card can immediately enlarge the capacity, improve the performance, and strengthen the signaling, making it the great upgrade option. Additionally, multiple HBAs allow multi-paths which improve over performance.


3+1 expansion

RS540-E8-RS36-ECP has high expandability with 3+1 expansion ports in a configuration: that means one PCI-E Gen3x16 slot, one PCI-E Gen3x8 slot, plus one PCI-E Gen3x8 slot OCP Mezzanine card for OCP such as the OCP 10Gbit/s LAN card. This flexible expansion offers diverse applications in storage and networking to meeting the demands of future expansion.


Premium components for premium efficiency

RS540-E8-RS36-ECP benefits from premium components hand-chosen and carefully arranged by ASUS engineers to provide premium efficiency. With ASUS Beat Thermal Chokes, Dr. MOS and 1+1 Redundant 800W 80PLUS CRPS Platinum Power Supply, it delivers great durability and up to 94% power efficiency. The 1+1 Redundant 800W 80PLUS CRPS Platinum Power Supply design allows the server to keep working even if one power supply requires maintenance, enabling uninterrupted operation. RS540-E8-RS36-ECP has durable 12k solid capacitors that are able to withstand up to 12,000 hours of high ambient temperatures. These 12K capacitors also boast lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) for increased efficiency and minimal heat generation.


Easy diagnostic and deployment

RS540-E8-RS36-ECP has a built-in Q-code/port 80 LED display panel for simple monitoring of the entire boot process, from the early hardware-awakening stages to the launch of the operating system and beyond. A bright power lamp on the rear lets you check the server’s status instantly. RS540-E8-RS36-ECP also benefits from an exclusive tool-less rail kit design, easing deployment for systems administrators for increased efficiency.


User friendly design

The server also carries an asset tag for fast identification. RS540-E8-RS36-ECP also offers great freedom when it comes to the choice of operating system drive type and placement, with both M.2 slot for independent OS available.


Complete remote server management

With the Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) 2.0-compliant ASMB8-iKVM module in RS540-E8-RS36-ECP and you’ll be able to monitor, control and manage the server remotely. ASUS Server Web-based Management (ASWM) Enterprise has a simple and intuitive web-based graphical user interface. Save time and effort by flashing the BIOS remotely, use the new screen-recording function for quick and easy trouble-shooting and exploit the many efficiency benefits of one-to-many centralized management afforded by ASWM Enterprise.

Thông số Chi Tiết
 Processor / System Bus 2 x Socket R3 (LGA 2011-3) 
Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family (95W) *
Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v3 product family(95W)*
QPI 6.4 / 8.0 / 9.6 GT/s
 Core Logic Intel® C612 PCH
 Memory Total Slots : 16 (4-channel per CPU, 8 DIMM per CPU) per Node
Capacity : Maximum up to 1024GB LRDIMM
Memory Type :
DDR4 2400 /2133 /1866/1600 RDIMM
DDR4 2400 /2133 /1866/1600 LRDIMM
Memory Size :
32GB, 16GB, 8GB, 4GB RDIMM
 Expansion Slots 3+1
1 x PCI-E x16 (Gen3x 8 link)
2 x PCI-E x8 (Gen3 x8 link)
1 x OCP Mezzanine (Gen3 x8 link)* 
* Support for MCB-10G-2S (Dual Port 10 Gigabit/s Ethernet card) (optional)
 Storage SATA Controller :
Intel® C612
9 x SATA3 6Gb/s ports (8 by 2 mini-SAS Connector)
1 x M.2 connector 
Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Enterprise(RSTe) (For Windows Only)
(Support Software RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 )
SAS Controller :
ASUS PIKE II 3008 8-port SAS HBA card(Optional)
ASUS PIKE II 3108 8-port SAS HW RAID card
12G SAS Support
 HDD Bays 36 x Hot-Swap 3.5”HDD Bays (BP w/Expander ) 
2 x Hot-Swap 2.5” SSD Bays (Rear)
1 x M.2 (NGFF 2242)
Auxiliary Storage FDD/CD/DVD N/A
 Networking 2 x Intel® I210AT + 1 x Mgmt LAN

Front Switch/LED:
1 x Power switch/LED
1 x Location switch/LED
1 x Reset switch
1 x HDD Access LED
1 x Message LED
* LAN3-4 for Mezzazine card use
Rear Switch/LED:
1 x Q-Code/Port 80 LED

 Graphic Aspeed AST2400 with 32MB VRAM
 Front I/O Ports 2 x USB 2.0 ports
Rear I/O Ports 2 x RJ-45 ports 
1 x RJ-45 Mgmt LAN port
2 x USB 3.0 ports 
1 x VGA port 
1 x PS/2 KB/MS port
1 x External Serial Port
OS Support Windows® Server 2012 R2
Windows® Server 2012
Windows® Server 2008 R2
RedHat® Enterprise Linux
SuSE® Linux Enterprise Server
Citrix XenServer
Management Solution ASWM Enterprise
On-Board ASMB8-iKVM for KVM-over-IP
Regulatory Compliance BSMI, CE, C-Tick, FCC(Class A)
Dimensions 615mm x 447mm x 176mm (4U)
Form Factor 4U
Weight Net Weight: 25.915 Kg
Gross Weight: 34.95 Kg
Power Supply 1+1 Redundant 800W 80 PLUS Platinum Power Supply
Rating: 100-127Vac/200-240Vac,10A/5A ,50/60Hz, Class I
Accessory Box N/A
Optional Items N/A
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