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SSD WD Green WDS120G2G0A 120GB
  • SSD WD Green WDS120G2G0A 120GBFor fast performance and reliability, WD Green SSDs boost the everyday computing experience in your desktop or laptop PC. 

  • Mã sản phẩm: WDS120G2G0A
  • 870.000 VNĐ Giá gốc 1.270.000 VNĐ
    Tiết kiệm: 31%
  • Lượt xem: 12540
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Improved performance for everyday computing

With the performance boost from a WD Green SATA SSD, you can browse the web, play a game, or simply start your system in a flash.


Solid state reliability

Lightweight and shock resistant, WD Green SSDs use no moving parts and help keep your data safe from loss in the case of accidental bumps and drops.


Less power. More play.

WD Green SSDs are among the lowest power consuming drives in the industry. And with less power used, your laptop runs longer.



Compatible with most desktop and laptop PCs, WD Green SSDs are available in 2.5” 7mm and M.2 2280 models for simple, worry-free upgrading.



With the downloadable WD SSD Dashboard, you get tools to help track things like available capacity, drive health, temperature, SMART attributes and more.

Thông số Chi Tiết
Transfer speeds 540MB/s
Capacity 120GB
Interface SATA 6Gb/s
Form Factor 2.5” / 7mm
MTTF Upto 1.0M hours


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